Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pilots of Voltron Looking Better

Commander Keith-Pilot of Black Lion WIP

Hunk-Pilot of Yellow Lion WIP

Sven-Pilot of Blue Lion WIP
Hey everybody! Here are more Works-In-Progress of the Lion Pilots of Voltron. I was dismayed that my work looked too cartoonish before (see earlier posts). So here is where I'm at to make Keith, Hunk, and Sven look more realistic. Enjoy and Cheers! Happy New Year too ^_^

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Going For Realism

Queen Merla
 Hey everybody! December is a crazy month and I apologize that its been 10 days since my last post. Time is flying by. This time around I'm gonna share more WIP's, rather unpolished as of yet. This is a learning Blog too, ya know ;) You can see a significant difference in how the newer Queen Merla is far more real looking. All others are going to be real including the Ultra Droids. I decided that if I wanna get noticed by people in the movie/entertainment industry, I need to show more realism. So yeah still black and white since I'm making my art geared towards where I want to be. Did I mention there are 14 of these portraits? I'm only sharing a bit as I go, and I'm withholding Lotor and Keith maybe til the end. Enjoy and cheers!

p.s. If someone from Wizards of the Coast sees what I'm doing, please let me know you want to see more! I would love to do art for you! Cheers!
Ultra Droid (Robot Doom Soldier)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Matte Painting

Hey everybody! Its been a while since I've posted, so here is a CD cover for 'Set On 7' I just made. After I had talked with my friend John, I planned in my mind all the refs and mattes I needed and grabbed em off the net. Photos from my own camera, another from a photo shoot by Posemanikin, pics of the Addam's Family house, playing cards, mail boxes, et cetera were used. So if you are familiar with matte painting you know that I placed some mattes down as like an underpainting, skewed, scaled, cropped em, and then I painted over all of it. Making the lighting accurate is a tricky thing too. Anyway I think it turned out great. I decided not to add lighting from all the little fires as it flattened the depth of the image. So that was deliberate ^^ I had to bang up everything too to make it look somewhat post apocalyptic. But all those little details were done last after the composition was solid. Cheers! Hope you think it looks epic.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More examples of laying down Values...

Lance_Red Lion Pilot of Voltron
Hey everybody! These are more examples of how I establish values first before painting in the colors, very messy and not yet finished, but thinking it will help others to see how I block in first before rendering the skin, eyes, hair, clothes.... I suppose since I know where its going, it doesn't seem too chaotic to me :)
Queen Merla
Hopefully I'll have some color thumbnails to share soon. Keep painting everyday and Cheers!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rendering Values First

Sven_Pilot of Blue Lion_KIA
 Hey everybody! I thought it would be neat to show some WIP's for the Voltron series I'm doing. These are pretty much how I approach laying out a painting- lines, blocking in shapes, and working in rough details. These aren't ready for color yet, but it's easier to see the steps this way. More later. Enjoy and Cheers!
Hunk_Pilot of Yellow Lion

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's get the gears spinning...

Hey all, I'm new to blogging and I really wanna do something more with my art. So here I'm hoping to share my paintings, WIP's, weekly updates on my growth as an artist, and possibly some other random things as well. I'm hoping by making posts I can get a bit more exposure and help people grow as artists as well. We should all try to get better every time we sit down to do our art. I think its best to do that together, so stick with me as I post some finished art, step-by-step processes, and maybe if I'm brave enough to do LiveStreaming, that too! It's gonna be alot of hard work, but anybody can settle for what they have. Let's wake up, work hard, and do something better for ourselves!
I'm gonna start this blog with a piece of art that was inspired by my wife Allie and our big gray cat. Big dreams are lead by big goals! Cheers!

Thanks Allie for cranking my gears up when I met you. You are the best!